The Tallahassee Democrat Two house members announced Tuesday to all state employees erectile dysfunction treatment.

The Tallahassee Democrat Two house members announced Tuesday to all state employees, including legislators make pay for health insurance proposal could save the state about $ 56,000 a year will receive almost 35,000 employees in top and middle management, legislative and other payroll classifications now paid coverage as a job benefit erectile dysfunction treatment . The statement of Reps. Marlene O’Toole, R – Lady Lake, and Debbie Mayfield, R – Vero Beach, would rescind the state of about 17,000 state-paid coverage. Made employees forcibly forcibly paid a bonus Job Category removed eight years ago but O’Toole of the compromise said at the time – losing job security in return for no-cost health insurance – was not a permanent promise .

Nashville Public Radio. ‘Advocates for disabled citizens Wednesday argued against cuts in TennCare, the state Medicaid program They say the cuts will force many of them in nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals. Advocates fear the nursing staff help is cut. A limit on outpatient services and laboratory work is planned to take place and lawyers fear these cuts will disrupt the lives of people who are currently living on their own. The Tennessee Disability Coalition said the public new ways to raise money to find match federal Medicaid dollars, including a new charge of the Tennessee Hospital Association. Disability Disability Coalition argued against TennCare cuts with a $ 10,000 cap on hospital stays and limits of outpatient visits ‘ proposed.

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