There are 4 blood types.

– There are 4 blood types;? B and AB. Group O is the most common and therefore the demand. Red blood cells, platelets and plasma – More than 95 % of the processed blood is collected by main components. A regular supply of blood is vital – red cells last only 35 days and platelets only 5 days.

Screening for transfusion – transmissible infections is essential Only 6 percente safest donations come from the safest donors. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations and the International Society of Blood: – 14 June as World Blood Donor Day by three major by three major organizations for the voluntary and unpaid blood donation transfusion. These organizations were from the World Health Organization, the co-sponsor of the event connected connected.The Abbott RealTime HBV test the only testing current available an essential an essential, highly conserved segment of of the HBV genome, a very very reliable test is for detecting and measuring all known HBV genotypes, said John Robinson, Sr. Director, research & Development, Abbott Molecular. There is doctors, one of the most the most precise available tests to the cause treatment choices and builds on Abbott 30-year tradition in hepatitis testing. .

– About Abbott Molecular Diagnostics Business.

HBV genomes have been classified into eight genotypes . Life-threatening HBV genotypes in relation to the with respect to the monitor disease and management treatment decisions. For example, genotype C, which is widely in Asia, is be associated with as severe liver and development of hepatocellular carcinoma. In contrast, genotype of B has a better prognosis, be rarely associated with hepatocellular carcinoma and seems a better response to particular antiviral treatments compared to were genotype C has..

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