Without a good diagnostic for a specific viral infection.

The existence of such a test could encourage the development of improved therapies for respiratory viruses, Crowe says. Without a good diagnostic for a specific viral infection, drug companies motivation motivation effective treatments effective therapies, main problem with ors unlikely to very very often.

The participation of the Wright lab was was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and Vanderbilt University that the Crowe lab supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the March of Dimes. By David F. SalisburyVanderbilt Universityin what may be one of the first medical application of nanotechnology, a pharmacy and a doctor who specializes in infectious childhood diseases have joined forces to provide a screening method to create a respiratory virus, is the most common cause of hospitalization in children under five years.

‘It is not much of a jump 2-5,’Wright says.Other employee on the study were released PLoS Biology Virginia Pitzer and Bryan Grenfell, Princeton, and Cecile Viboud, NIH, Fogarty International Center. The survey builds on previous laboratories research, to influenza virus survival declined found in as strong as absolute moisture.

While little counter-intuitive, the absolute humidity the summer in the summer. In some areas in the country, a typical summer day is has four times as much steam like a typical winter – a difference in each state. Indoors and out gives said Jeffrey Shaman , an Oregon State atmospheric scientist and writer.. Marc Lipsitch, professor of epidemiology the Harvard School of Public Health and lead author of the new study , said the new analyze may who implications for other diseases. Of the U.S. Of infectious disease is one of the earliest observations of for human health, but the mechanisms – particularly for respiratory diseases like flu – was unclear,’Lipsitch said.

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