Zhang and colleagues investigated an important type of synapse in the brain.

Zhang and colleagues investigated an important type of synapse in the brain , rapid evolution rapid development soon after the birth. They discovered that these synapses of a certain type of a certain type of glutamate receptors, starting approximately one week after birth, for mice. Particularly disturbing sensory deprivation strengthening synapses. The role of early experience in building synapses.

In addition to a better understanding of the normal development of the brain, the scientists are trying to understand the errors in synapse building and pruning associated with , mental retardation and, mental retardation and schizophrenia associated.

In a somewhat surprising finding, the Zhang lab also discovered that the elimination of redundant synapses is not dependent on the other synapses ‘ intensified. Because synaptic strengthening usually precedes removal of redundant synapses, it was not known whether such a removal is dependent on the previous strengthening. In mice lacking the receptor which prevents substantial enhancement of synaptic connections redundant redundant synapses were eliminated.

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